Hello Folks,

Well we are now entering into our last full week of Movember. I am sure by now you have seen the Movember comics I posted last week. The original art for those comics is being sold on eBay here and here with 100% of the profits going to Movember. Isnt that cool? I hope you think so. If your wandering over here from Sherpa, I would like to say Hello and Welcome. The information you seek about Movember is in the previous post.

Speaking of Movember we have so far raised a modest $64. I want to say THANK YOU! I am glad that team Blueberry Arts is getting such great support. I wonder if we could posibly double that before this all ends next week. Think we can do that? I do!

If you want something for your money other than the great feeling you get from supporting the cause remember that 10% of all Blueberry Arts sales covering the full spectrum of all my creative endeavors will go towards Movember. You get to help and get cool products too.

So what are you waiting for, get out there and donate and promote this as much as possible. Be sure to Retweet it, digg it, Redit, and don’t forget to like this on Facebook!

Have a good week!

—Vincent LoGreco