Vince LoGreco is the cartoonist behind everything you see at He has been publishing his comics online since 2007 and currently holds a three times a week update schedule. He currently has two collections of his comic available and will be releasing a third later this year. Vince grew up in the Pittsburgh South Hills and now lives in the Valley Forge area of Philadelphia by way of West Virginia. He currently has a bachelor’s degree in Art which leads him to dabble in photography, painting and pottery. Vince is an award-winning oil painter but his true passion is cartooning having been inspired by the likes of Watterson, Larson, Schulz and Addams.




In the mountains of southern Pennsylvania lurks a small town, Whiskey Falls. Named for the Great Whiskey Falls on the Whiskey River in Moey County. The river is named from all the backwoods stills used to make Whiskey along its banks. It is just your average small town with its own charm and isn’t too far from the slightly bigger towns of Cold Creek and Moey where you can find better restaurants and shopping. In the village of Whiskey Falls lives our cast of characters.



OH-NO is Vince LoGreco’s single panel comic from his college days. It updates every Saturday and is filled with Lunacy and Craziness!!
OH-NO is a manic romp with magical creatures, talking animals and most important, fiery death!