The last two posts you read here have told you about Movember and this one will be no different. No form letter written by the crew from Movember.com this time. Just me talking in my own words. Cancer is not a pleasant thing, I have known several people, men women and children, most family that have fought this. Some have won, others have not. Lets try to keep more people winning than loosing. Who knows maybe cancer will one day be defeated permanently. That’s why I shaved my face this month and am now three days into growing a mustache. I want to do my part. So here is what I ask, you can either join the Blueberry Arts Team and raise money on your own and sport a rocking stache or donate to either me or my team. If you want to help, but don’t want to donate or grow a stache, you can buy anything from my shop or from my eBay auctions up until November 29th. I will then donate 10% of all my sales to my Movember team.

Will you help?

Here’s the links:





Thank you!

Now I titled this post announcements because the Movember stuff isn’t all I had to tell you about. I also wanted to let you know that YES, I am still drawing Whiskey Falls. I’m just catching up from the unexpected hiatus I took. So, where’s the comics you ask? Well, at the moment they are posting over at COMICS SHERPA. So just click that link or type gocomics.com/whiskey-falls into your browser to read Whiskey Falls SEVEN DAYS A WEEK! until I catch up to the current calendar, which I will predict to happen on Thanksgiving weekend. Then we are back to every Monday Wednesday Friday.

Have a good day!

Vincent LoGreco