Howdy Folks,
Pull up a stool here at the Falls Inn, I have a few announcements to make.

1. You may have noticed that WF is updating a little less frequently. Seems I forgot to tell you that I put the comic on a temporary Summer schedule so it will be posting only three times a week during the month of August both here and on Sherpa.

2. There is a tournament going on at TGT Webcomics. My interview is part of said tournament. So click here and support me. And while your there, be sure to listen to my interview with Kurt and Byron. So go VOTE! Last I checked, I was trailing by 15 votes.

3. The summer 50% off sale on original comic art is still going on. Be sure to pick up your favorite strips before they are gone. And if your into the luck of the draw for a cheap price, head on over to the Blueberry Arts Store to pick up an original randomly picked by me for just $10. This stuff is normally $50, so thats a bargain!

So, that’s the news from Whiskey Falls, where all the stalkers are crazy, the scientists are mad and the convenience stores are run by militaristic overlords.