I am not sure if you noticed or not, that after my unexpected one week hiatus from the comic, the dates written between panel one and two did not match the date the comic posted. Well, starting next week, the dates will match again. But what you will also notice that the comic numbers will go from 205 to 211. What happened to 206-210? Well, they are drawn and they are actually posted online.

If you go to my Comics Sherpa page you will see this weeks comics. They will eventually make there way back to this sight, but most likely not until January when I need some time to get the next book done. So for now check out my comic at Comics Sherpa. While there, why not add the strip to your GoComics page, leave some comments or find it on the old Sherpa site and sign up to get the comic in your email.

Some other reminders: Don’t forget about the Art sale going on, 50% off until labor day on all original comic strip art, both for Whiskey Falls and OH-NO.

So, that’s the news from Whiskey Falls, where all the stalkers are crazy, the scientists are mad and the convenience stores are run by militaristic overlords.