I was told there would be pirates. Isn’t this pirate month? Wasn’t yesterday ITLAPD?

So sorry folks. I had planned a joyful return of OH-NO this month with some fresh new pirate comics. Alas (here comes yet another excuse, sorry) I have had the busiest summer I have ever had at work which prevented me from getting any comics drawn. I did do a lot of writing, but not much in the way of drawing. Sigh. And then I sold my laptop which I was drawing the comic on. The buyer took forever to pay and when he did, he ended up being in a country that customs would not allow the sale of a computer to and I had to refund him. Then I had to list and sell the thing again. So through all that time, I had lost my ability to digitally create too.
But it is now sold and I have my eye on a Axiotron Modbook (one of the older ones, my laptop wasn’t worth enough to get a new one). With that I will be able to create my comic right on the screen from start to finish with my feet propped up sitting in my Jeep on my lunch hour.
So soon, soon we will have new comics. In the meantime if you desire some pirates, go through my archive and read all the pirate comics I’ve done since 2007.