Well, for the comic anyways. I know, I know, I just brought it back and now it’s going away after a month and a half of updates. But I will be busy during the summer vacation. I will be cranking out all new OH-NO’s as well as editing some classics from the mysterious 1998 to 2003 period (that I call the Senator Years). Plus I will be busy putting together the next Oh-No book, a treasury of the first two books plus new comics and lots of extras. Not to mention I will be getting Whiskey Falls back up and running for six times a week updates over at its site and hopefully some all new stuff for you guys here at this site. Plus I will be working hard to have the first Whiskey Falls book out by the end of the summer. So while the comic will be taking a vacation, I certainly will not. Oh, and if you ever thought about getting the first two OH-NO books, now’s the chance. They go out of print permanently the day the new book comes out, never to be printed again. So get it now, while you still can, either from Lulu or from me (if you get it from me, I will gladly draw something in it).