I am (sorta) back from hiatus! [YAY]

Wait, sorta? I don’t see any new strip up above this post? All I see is the same frozen Walter that has been up there for MONTHS, c’mon don’t toy with me Vince.

Okay, okay, nothing new on this page (yet) but if you happen to wander over to http://www.whiskey-falls.com/ then you are likely to find a redesigned site AND an almost daily (six times a week) full color comic!

Wait a minute, I’ve seen these strips before, those comics are from 2009. What are you trying to pull on us here?

Okay, so I rebooted Whiskey Falls, I am also painstakingly going through my original files for them, picking out a new order to display them so that they work with the whole six strips a week style, editing out strips that just don’t work for me or the feel of the comic and adding color.

So get on over to Whiskey-Falls.com and check it out. I am still working on the site, but so far things are looking good that I will keep the strips flowing on time.


Now other news:

Do you live in eastern Pennsylvania, New York or Jersey? Do you like comics? Well then you need to get yourself over to:

I will be there manning a table with the awesome writer DON SMITH! I will have my usual wares, books, original art, sketch cards and the last of the Ninja Squirrel T-Shirts. If you are not interested in me, then other great artists like DAWN GRIFFIN, CHRIS FLICK, NICK MOCKOVIAK, CHARLES DOWD and BILL ELLIS will also be there. Plus this show has some top notch pop culture and comic tallent there as well as (for my fellow Indy Fans) JIM STERANKO!

The Show is this weekend, August 4-5th! See you there!!