Hi There,

Vince here with some announcements. First off you may have noticed that i got the boot from the cartoonist contest. I made it five rounds at least, but I am still bummed about that. Another more obvious thing is the lack of comics on the site last week and this week. Well that is due to multiple factors such as my daughters baptism and an unexpected trip to Delaware. But things look a bit better for me getting you some comics at the end of the week or for next week. I also have all the strips I drew for the contest. They just need to be colored and that will provide us with at least three straight weeks of comics, yay!

Announcement two! I will be at the Great Allentown Comic Con this weekend at Merchants Square Mall in Allentown Pennsylvania (of course) from 10-5 on Saturday March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day). Now as of typing this post my info is not on their site yet, but I am assured by the man in charge that I will indeed be there. And if not, I will still be there just not at a table. I will have my usual fare of books, original art (at a special con discount) and what is left of the Ninja Squirrel T’s. Plus I will be drawing sketch-cards galore and will even draw your favorite super hero in my style. You can even tell me what you want now and we can arrange for it to be done before the con starts. (Pricing: Pre Drawn: $1, Custom: $2, and hand colored for $5) I will also do larger commissioned sketches too on 4×6 water color post cards for $5. I hope to see you there!

Well that about does it for the announcements for now, Have A Great Week!