Wow! Would you look at that, I made it into round two!!!! Haha! Only problem is that I got pitted against Zombie Roomie. They have a big lead on me so get over to TGT (just click Harry and his fan) and vote for OH-NO and often. You can now vote every hour.

Here is my original post from last week:

Hey look! This years TGT Tournament is happening again (good Lord it’s August already). So.. anywho, why not get over and cast your vote for OH-NO Comics (Episode 101) and if you haven’t already listened, why not listento my interview (just ignore the coughing fit at the end, I was getting over one of my rare colds… er I mean poisonings.) Be sure to vote for your other favorites as well (like Dog Eat Doug, Eben 07, Drunken Fools and Zombie Roomie)