I wanted to point out to you all some new features of the site. I have noticed a sudden spike of traffic to my site so I wanted to figure out where all these folks are coming from so I put a poll up. You can find it on the right above the advertisement. If your reading via RSS, you can access the poll HERE. I have always thought polls were fun, so i will put a new one up every month and share the results in a blog post.

An added bonus to the poll plugin is that you can now give “star” ratings to comics. While I haven’t yet figured out how to go into the past to give a rating on old comics, it does work for the current comic. So be sure to check out the site every update day and click a star to tell me if you LOVE a comic or if it Sucks.

Also, here is a reminder that the Facebook contest I mentioned HERE is still going on. Dont forget to enter, you could end up winning a free book. I also made it easy to “LIKE” my comic in the sidebar as well, so be sure to “LIKE” us!

Have a good one!


P.S. Welcome New Readers!