Well, you may have noticed that there have not been any comics recently. Oops, my fault. Life got in the way (curses foiled again) plus I am recovering from a successful firebird.

Also I have to note that my hosting provider has failed me for the last time. It seems they are nefarious for running wordpress sites super slow. So I am moving to a server that specializes in wordpress. I have my personal blog there now and it flies. So my site might go down for a bit as the Internet gets used to my sites new home and as I (attempt to) fix anything that might break in the move. I always seem to break something in a move, like that awesome soap dispenser. But I digress, I also have plans to upgrade comicpress and redesign the site to look awesome.

So wish me luck and be sure to subscribe by email or rss to the site so that you will know when the comics come again.