Three Years Ago…

I began posting new OH-NO Comics to the web after not drawing the strip for four years. I can’t believe I went that long without drawing a comic now that I have been doing it for three years continuously.

But on the joyous celebration of hitting this milestone, I have some sad news. I am announcing today that OH-NO will have a sporadic if at all update schedule. It’s not that the tank has run dry on ideas, it’s just that those ideas work better for me in Whiskey Falls. I am hoping to have an OH-NO up this weekend that illustrates how an idea works for both OH-NO and Whiskey Falls. There is another problem preventing OH-NO from getting drawn, time. Since Whiskey Falls has taken a five day a week schedule, I cant seem to keep any time open for my original comic. OH-NO is over ten years old, and I think it is time for a semi retirement for it. It isn’t going away forever, it still has a place near and dear to me, it just will not be the weekly feature you have come to love over the last three years.

—Vince LoGreco, June 7th 2010

P.S. If you enjoy the annual Pirate Month, I am planning to draw that until the end of time, so tune in this September for the 4th Annual Pirate Month!