I am pleased to announce, OH-NO COMICS AND THE GRAND THEFT CHICKENS is now officially available for everyone to purchase!

NEW BOOK!!!!!!!!It is 108 pages of pure OH-NO goodness with a forward from the awesomely talented Brian Anderson of Dog Eat Doug fame.

Get your Artists Editions today at THE BLUEBERRY ARTS SHOPPING EXPERIENCE or if you don’t want me to deface it for you, go to LULU and get a regular copy there.

What are you waiting for, go get a copy or three today!

OH-NO Comics and the Grand Theft Chickens

(Artist Edition 25 numbered copies signed and sketched in)

VOLUME TWO OF OH-NO COMICS with a forward by Brian Anderson of Dog Eat Doug!
OH-NO, here we go again!
The second volume of OH-NO Comics is here featuring Whiskey Falls. Meet Billy McLeod and his band of misfit friends as they face the challenges of living in a small town. Work, play, stalkers and mad scientists!
For the Standard $12.99 books (without my sketch in the cover) go to: Lulu.com